A simulator that makes you feel like a youtuber


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TubeStar is a simulation game in which instead of driving a train or piloting an aircraft, you can become a YouTube star. The goal of the game is to become a successful youtuber. The gameplay is very simple and is always carried out on a very basic interface, similar to any Windows application. One important task you'll have to do is manage the time your avatar has inside the game. In the beginning, you'll only have six free hours to work on your videos (in contrast to the nine hours dedicated to work).

In this free time you have to film the videos, edit them, and upload them to your YouTube channel. You can choose a name for your video, the image it will display, the type of video, and also some other basic characteristics. Once you upload your first videos, you can start making money with ads, even though it won't be easy to create a channel popular enough to make large amounts of money. When this happens, you can start buying better cameras and editing software, and also take special courses.

TubeStar is a very comprehensive youtuber simulator that, despite not having particularly good graphics, still offers an entertaining gameplay.
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